Friday, April 23, 2010

LIBIDO - adult Filipino film

LOTS OF MALE AND FEMALE FULL FRONTAL SCENE in this Filipino Indie film. Very cute asian guys and girls.
the director and stars are just newbies in the biz so don't expect stellar performances ... but there are so many yummy scenes nonetheless....

I'll post some hot scenes if you sign up and leave a msg containing ur request.

There are LOTS of male and female nudity not shown on the screencaps. It's up to you to find out just how many!


  1. hot like me, but I don't want to join any film that is related to this type. My body is just for myself and I don't want to be fantasized by other. Joining such film like this must have a high libido so that he or she can do the action well i mean to have a very good performance especially that this is clever.

  2. Hi, do you have a complete collection of Filipino pene clips that I could buy? My computer always catches a virus. You can catch me at I would prefer it to be on a cd or cd's. Thanks..